Doc verified by: kcastill1 hosted: source title: Degree Swashplate Setup Levelling E Book pdf Download source description: High. · visit The swash. The ultimate desige of Universal Swashplate Leveling Tool can fit with 3 adjestable leg, cover 90~ degree swashplate. ‘ CCPM. The goal of this presentation is to assist you during the base setup of a Please consult your helicopter’s instruction manual to determine what swashplate type your helicopter uses i.e. 90, , , or * degree swashplate pictured. then adjust the swashplate links to ensure that the swashplate is level and at the.

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CCPM for Taranis

What would be CCPM weighting ratio for a collective: Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. As others have said, you are a real credit to our hobby. You are a superstar!! Now you levrlling going to make the swash move in the right direction. A “single servo” swashplate uses one servo for each axis: Make swashplatf that your transmitter is bound to the receiver.

Most commonly used for Electronic Helis. You may also notice I have NoTrim for the collective inputs.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. First test up and down. Most like cyclic servos to move a little faster at around 0. Unfortunately, this is not easily done for aileron and elevator as these values are taken directly from inputs but more on this later. So if you use multiple inputs that draw weight from Ail, the last one will be used for input to the CCPM algorithm.

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The advantage of swash ring is that is can prevent servo binding as long as you only use none or positive expo. Servos are rated on speed to move 60 degrees.

CCPM for Taranis | OpenTX University

I bought your book on swashplate setup and like the rest of your books learned more from it then any other place. Give it a try, move the collective stick on the radio to full low and see if the swashplate is still level. Test the cyclic pitch is as expected at min, mid and max collective pitch.

You can build your own we will get to that in Chapter 3 or purchase one.

Servo binding can cause brownouts and servo failures if allowed degres persist. Can anyone help to fill in for future easy reference. If for whatever reason you don’t find the information in this eBook helpful and useful; simply contact me within 30 days from the purchase date and request a refund along with the original transaction or order number and a simple explanation of why you’re requesting a refund.

This may require a re-adjustment of the servo limits too.

Three or more servos vary the height and angle of the swash plate. Imagine a circle marked in compass points North is 0 degrees, East is 90 degrees, South degrees and West degrees. Not very helpful – right Pushrods positioned as shown. Use the Servo page to adjust min ewashplate max setkp values for cyclic servos to obtain desired min and max collective pitch remove the zeroing out of cyc1, cyc2 and cyc3. The reverses will be dealt with later.


PDF format allowing printing if you wish.

Keep up the great work, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time on your website since, and it’s so nice to find a site that is so rich in information. On CW swinging blades, to go forward, max pitch occurs on the right.

He said you mention in the book a properly setup swash should give those kind of results and now I’m a believer. Too bad you don’t sell those with the book – you would make a small fortune I think. The next step is to ensure max and min collective pitch are correct.

These need to be assigned to channels in the mixer.