Arch Med Exp. ;17(3) [The bioquantum]. [Article in Spanish]. VALLADARES Y. PMID: ; [Indexed for MEDLINE]. MeSH terms. Biochemical. Bioquantum-Energy-Therapy is an alternative and complementary method to alleviate and/or eliminate all kinds of health problems (illness, disease, injury, pain. BIOQUANTUM ENERGY HEALING is highly efficient method for alleviating and eliminating all kinds of diseases, injuries, pain and distress. Energy procedures.

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Energy therapists themselves find in everyday practice, that: View this site’s privacy policy here. The most highly advanced information was accessed only through the subconscious mind, through dreaming, meditation and trance. Sometimes, however, the body is no longer able to independently and automatically maintain homeostasis. To access the ancient sites in the higher dimensions the student would have to be out of body. For the theory of dissipative structures Dr. In fact biologists, till now, bioquantmu not accept the challenge to define a physical interpretation of such signals, so that the scientific investigation of the communication of biological signals remain very limited.

Bioquantum Energy Healing

Learn to clear, nurture and support your chakras with fun, down-to-earth activities. Victor Frederick Weisskopf, Austrian quantum physicist at the beginning of the seventies systemized three levels of quantum organization of matter: By clicking above to submit this form, you also acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms If you are in a European Union country, you can click on this link to choose a fully GDPR-compliant subscription form.

Quantum physics is founded a new paradigm of reality, describing dynamic processes and interactions between energy fields and interpreted the quantum-holographic action at a distance. Therefore this duality belong to a serious limit of Quantum Mechanical knowledge giving rise to various paradoxes of the Quantum Physics. Flower of Light Mystery School.

This because we cannot think beyond what already become in the brain. Energy field the matrix of the client comes into alignment with the source vibration.


This spectrum, has an exact correspondence in quantum —pulses, to the coding information of the gene, because it is emitted at the same time that the gene comes copied by the RNA. Stress and destruction of the natural balance of the organism are created by: By clicking the “Subscribe” button above, you affirm that you are at least 16 years old, confirm that you have read and accept our privacy policy, and agree that we may process your data in accordance with these terms.

Differently when DNA is open via the enzyme DNA-polymerase in two anti-parallel half chains and after is closed again from side to side with the binding proteins activities.

Healing With Energy | Bio-quantum Medical

Today we know that the subatomic quantum world is the foundation of our physical reality and existence. It takes me Nancy many hours each week to sustain and expand it. Since this model of proteins production, do not considers in physical terms the collective action of information exchange at the quantum level, as it is necessary to co-organize in a precise spatial an temporal orchestration, all biological events that permits to the metabolic cell’s system to evolve and to transform itselftill the cellular Apoptosis.

As a result of examination of atoms I recognized the following: If it is valuable to you, please consider supporting it with a donation. Differently from my colleagues I think that to building on the notion of bio-chemical information, we need to better understand the basic concept of “catalysis”. Nothing on this website is intended as medical or psychological advice. The growing up of Information Energy correspond to enrich the minimum of the other components of energy.

Terminological clarifications of Information conception as codified energy.

It is necesary to mention some scientists who have made important contributions to the knowledge and understanding of quantum phenomena we encounter in energy therapy work. T he Energy Healing Site is a unique, free resource.

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Disfigured energy matrix manifests in the body as malaise or disease. Bio-quantum energy therapy is the human heritage and belongs to all people, bkoquantum of their nationality, citizenship, color, religion, level of education, cultural milieu, material and financial well-being … For contact call: All ancient sites were places for dreaming, this was a form of healing.

Today advancement on cognitive neuro-sciences consider the man male and woman as an integral part of the communication on the Universe. Energy healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine. Certainly more fundamental is now to find a correspondence between theory and facts. The energy therapists do not heal — the organism itself is the one that cures itself. bioquantuum

So that it is becoming very difficult to open up a new emerging branch of Quantum-Bio-Physics aiming to develop a more deeper understanding of the information flow generated through most fundamental molecular quantum-level of biological structure.

From the Emerald Isle to the Blue Nile. The effective presence of ” Gene-Ons ” can be identified exploring through fast spectroscopy methods able to detect the very low frequencies produced by the breaking of H-Bonds of the base pairs e.

Thinking about quantum bio-information the re-composition of subject and object in an holistic domain of science permits to think that every mind-brain transformationwould be considered as an activity coming from a virtual reality. For this model of understanding it might well be a need to develop a new approach of thinking about theoretical bio-quantum physics. Bio-quantum energy therapy is the human heritage gioquantum belongs to all people, irrespective of their nationality, citizenship, color, religion, level of education, cultural milieu, material and financial well-being ….

Therefore the velocity w.