ISBN: ; Year of the edition: ; Number of pages: 64; Cover : paperback; Original title: De eeuwige terugkeer van het fascisme; Original. In stuurde cultuurfilosoof Rob Riemen naar alle Tweede Kamerleden zijn pamflet De Eeuwige Terugkeer van het Fascisme, waarin hij. Esai filsafat Kekekalan Laten Fasisme Judul asli: De eeuwige terugkeer van het fascisme Pengarang: Rob Riemen Harga: Rp Tebal: 60 hlm.

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And I did enjoy his efforts to reclaim Nietzsche from the Nazis, without mentioning their misappropriation of his works. Riemen’s Nobility of Spirit is intended as a meditation on the forces that threaten civilization and, no less important, on the forces that are desperately needed to sustain it. Nobility of spirit 2nd edition Rob Riemen. The problems are huge, and endemic. To curb that part of ourselves we need more than activism for an anti-fascist party, because latent fascism hides in all of us.

La Well this one was kind of strange.

| Nobility of Spirit, Rob Riemen | | Boeken

Books by Rob Riemen. In fact he calls out Christianity for allowing the Holocaust. He complains of a symposium he went to where a Eeuiwge priest gave a talk about how the true unity of Europe existed in the Middle Ages and how we should look to that age as a model for our return.

The present–as well as our history–always offers fascismr insights that we need to grapple with in order to move forward. Not only because of the extraordinary sophistication of the author’s expression and style, which easily sublimates complex political issues and important historical facts, but also due to the actuality that could be described as follows.

Well this one was kind of strange. TIM press has published a second edition of the book The eternal return of fascism by the Dutch cultural philosopher and essayist Rob Riemen. Long on ideas, short on details of what it is we need to work towards. The only thing we need is a little courage and audacity. Yet, there were good nuggets of truth to take away from this first essay and I enjoyed it.

There’s a lot of good that has come from medicine, but since it is driven by profit alone, the good has only become less prevalent and terugkser costly. And I did like that he did not harken to some imagined Judeo-Christian set of morals as the basis for “truth”. It needs culture, and philosophy and human inquiry to make it complete.


Although he does can some truth in fascis,e how rhetoric can be a fascist tool, the bad guys he describes are those that are really anti fasc I was initially fascinated by this book as it was discussing the need to return to Renaissance humanism.

There is value in considering things beyond our ken; but not in demanding any of that be called reality. Because of this, there is always hope, but as value is measured in numbers and money in the west and money there is always a danger that we will descend into populism and then on into something far far worse.

Nobility of Spirit

A good thought-provoking read – I read it twice back-to-back – but only an introduction to the subject. In today’s world, I struggle a lot with what we mean with the labels we use. It’s no different in principle from and as useless as every other rant that insists that the reasons for our problems are that we no longer follow the ways of the ancestors properly, that we need to return to repeating the rituals of our roots.

And done precious little good — and before you go on about medicine, learning to wash our hands and indoor plumbing covered most of the health gains, and a couple key vaccines the rest, and vaccines are no longer being sought because they are not profitable apart from the yearly flu shotand in much of the west life expectancy gains have either stalled or gone backwards. Feb 18, Alex rated it it was ok. Conservatism, Catholicism, and culture were all simply vague pot-shots.

Um livro que todos deveriam ler. Riemen’s slim, powerful volume ends with an essay on Leone Ginsberg, an Italian Jewish intellectual murdered by the Nazis, who implores his wife-the novelist Natalia Ginsburg-to be brave as he is taken to his death. Liefhebbers van Rob Riemen bekeken ook. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I was somewhat put off by the idealizing or romanticizing about classic European values. The book discusses the current state of democracy in the world and the dangers of ignoring the signs of how the world is slipping towards a growing fascist ideology.


For my dime anyway. He describes the soul of the European and as a result the core values that being European represents. Rob Reimer criticises the European Union as being essentially about money and trade.

Mas, honestamente, estou sem palavras. Fascism is the bastard child of democracy – It can come of any democracy, and can ONLY come from democracies. True philosophy is metaphysics, the older man tells the attendees; forget “the chatter of the media, the hot air of politicians, the sales talk of commerce, the hollow jargon of academics, it all Esta es la propuesta de lo que podemos, queremos y debemos hacer por el Bien, la Belleza, la Verdad y la Justicia: That is actually why Protestantism was born from the ranks of monks.

Recensie s With beautiful clarity, Rob Riemen renders complex ideas simple and accessible to every earnest reader. Vertaling Vertaald door Marjolijn de Jager. And all things considered it’s a succinct, pithy analysis of the issue, I found it intriguing and educational, and I had high hopes for the rest of the book.

To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism and Humanism

Dec 13, Chad rated it liked it. These things only even exist in vague terms, and are always divorced of some terrible reality or another.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To Fight Against This Age: That it’s the result of democracies losing their cultural ethos, which he characterizes as an elevation of truth and beauty, and devolve into mass politics based upon popular resentment and rage. Ultimately Rob Reimer argues, the populist movements occurring on both sides of the Atlantic are built on resentment and can only result in dismantling what has been built rather than creating something new, democratic debate is discouraged and loyalty to the movement is demanded.

Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling. It’s not worth arguing with a book so vacuous, but it is telling that he constantly associates Europe with universal values. His writing seems to serve only those who already hold his views.