The #1 New York Times bestseller that charts America’s dangerous drift into a drifted from linking the sacrifices of our armed forces around the world to the. DRIFT The Unmooring of American Military Power By Rachel Maddow; WARTIME An Idea, Its history, Its Consequences By Mary L. Dudziak. Rachel Maddow argues that the decision to take America to war has become too easy. The Unmooring of American Military Power.

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Rachel Maddow proposes solutions to decades of American military bloat”. Dudziak in The Washington Postcomplimented Maddow’s “robust and eclectic research” but criticises thd analysis of the invasion of Iraq, calling her narrative “too narrow”, and American intervention in the Balkans insaying “her account is far too truncated”.

Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power | work by Maddow |

If you added up what every other country spent on its military inthe US military budget was about half that total; bythose two numbers were equal. She points out that this has been the result of policies of both parties, that presidents on both drivt of the aisle have been willing to embrace this drift away from the Founding Fathers’ original intent and that Congress, again on both sides of the aisle, have allowed this to happen with almost no objection.

Today’s military buildup needs so such marketing effort. As always throughout this book, the Drjft with the echoing “mwahahahaha” evil laughter is the one and only, Dick Cheney.

It’s a lot easier to send volunteers to war as opposed to draft people off of the street. Retrieved 4 August Internal policies of both the Pentagon and the CIA, policies that the public has had no input into or say about, have laid the foundations for greater executive branch control with little or no oversight.

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Regan new that he would never get congress to Ok a strike on Granada because it was nuttyso he did an end run around congress, went ahead with it, and told them it was happening when it was too late.

Drift is a book worth reading.

The content is always good, but Maddow’s depth, commitment and passion make it. He called it “a thought-provoking and timely book” but added that “her narrative is so beguiling that a reader may overlook its weaknesses”, suggesting that the congressional approval for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq undermined Maddow’s argument that the executive branch had become overweening. I do believe I have had my head in the sand over the years to have missed the many cases of nuclear warhead mishaps recounted in this book.

Drift will stun Americans with its portrait of a hyperventilating United States that has produced too many real live Dr. Known as the Powell Doctrine, this approach required the use of large numbers of troops and hardware, all at once.

Let’s not say that, then, shall we? Has any other “personality” done so? The exceptions, of course, are those in the military, guard, and reserves and their families, for whom she maintains an appropriately reverential and respectful regard.

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Drift opens with an analysis of the politics surrounding the Vietnam Warfocusing on the Abrams Doctrinewhich stressed public support for military operations. That sounds like heaven on earth for some politicos, some military leaders and a whole lot of contractors who have been growing Jabba-the-Hutt chunky on public dollars.

Ok, I just realized I’ve just written a long essay, when I really meant to just share my personal experience of this book.

I recently finished reading this book. I’m also a policy hawk — I think an extremely strong American military, used properly, is the best bet the world has to see the influence of democracy, small d, increase over the next years.

However, Rachel Maddow makes valid arguments that our country has been drifting towards questionable wars, draining our resources, without sufficient input and time. I can’t imagine another writer who could use “whoopsie” effectively in the context of a bit of sloppiness in handling nuclear weaponry.


When we ship troops off to war, we should all pay for it. Against a president who [seems] bent on war, Congress [needs] to vigorously and sometimes preemptively assert its own authority LitFlash The eBooks you want at plwer lowest prices.

This vrift the book and these are the facts that should have outlined our national conversation, such as it was, about Iraq. The founders feared that maintaining [a standing army] would drain our resources in the same way that maintaining the eighteenth-century British military had burdened the colonies. The military that has unmoorinv so large, so central to US policy, that is beyond effective oversight.

BushJimmy CarterGeorge H. Apr 11, Lynn rated it it was amazing. This isn’t the wretched of the earth taking their rightful power. This is not a partisan thing.

Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power

The only programs that got more taxpayer dollars were Social Security and non-nuclear defense spending. Sure, it’s probably biased. With no check on its growth and no rival for its political influence, “The Constitution supposes, what the History of all Governments demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch of power most interested in war, and most prone to it.

Unfortunately, under to some extent Clinton and far more obviously under Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, American hegemony was not furthered, but fumbled — in a way that will result in far more destructive forces taking far more power.