7 Mar We assessed the validity of an Italian language version of the Epworth sleepiness scale (ESS). The translated ESS was compared to the. Epworth Sleepiness Scale. Datum: Wie wahrscheinlich ist es, dass Sie in den unten beschriebenen Situationen einschlafen? d.h. richtig einschlafen im. How likely are you to doze off or fall asleep in the following situations, in contrast to feeling just tired? This refers to your usual way of life in recent times. Even if.

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Italian version of the Epworth sleepiness scale: external validity.

Institute of Transport Economics; The Epworth Sleepiness Scale has been sleepindss primarily in obstructive sleep apnea epworth sleepiness scale italiano, though it has also shown success in detecting narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia. For example, clinicians may want to compare ESS scores before and after instigating some particular treatment for a sleep disorder, such as nasal continuous airway pressure treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

Eur Respir J ;9: Presentations referencing similar topics. Journal of Sleep Research. Understanding and using sensitivity, specificity and predictive values. With this exhortation, nearly everyone answered all questions. Correlations among Epworth Sleepiness Epworth sleepiness scale italiano scores, multiple sleep latency tests and psychological symptoms.

Electronic versions are possible too, by arrangement. Adults in Australia who have no evidence of a chronic sleep disorder including frequent snoring had a mean ESS score of 4.


Epworth sleepiness scale italiano date values in: Evaluation of five different questionnaires for assessing sleep apnea syndrome in a sleep clinic.

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale has been used to compare the sensitivity and specificity epworth sleepiness scale italiano other similar measurements of sleep quality.

In the usual format, each ESS item-score is recorded as one numberwritten in a box. Indian J Ophthalmol ; The ESS was first developed in English for Australia, but has been translated into many other languages, especially by Mapi Sleeipness Trust who have used standardised procedures. The ESS is not suitable for use among epworth sleepiness scale italiano with serious cognitive impairment.

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale may not reflect objective measures of sleepiness or sleep apnea. Even if one question was not answered, their ESS score was not valid because it was not possible to interpolate item-scores.

Epworth Sleepiness Scale Test

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale ESS is a epworth sleepiness scale italiano widely used in developed countries to measure daytime sleepiness and diagnose sleep disorders.

In both the English and Arabic translations of the survey, ESS consists of eight different situations. J Clin Sleep Med ;5: German version of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale.

The ESS score the sum of 8 item scores, can range from 0 to Vineland Social Maturity Scale. Related articles Obstructive sleep apnea OSA road accidents screening questionnaires.

Sil A, Barr G. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Most people engage in those activities at least occasionally, although not necessarily every day. It is available in many different languages as authorized translations.


Validation of the Arabic version of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale – ScienceDirect

The ESS is not a diagnostic tool by itself. Validation of symptoms related to excessive daytime sleepiness. Sleep Med Rev The questionnaire takes no epworth sleepiness scale italiano than 2 or 3 minutes to answer. Sleep disorders in patients with end-stage renal disease undergoing dialysis therapy.

The DSS has an accuracy of However, it should not be assumed that sleep disordered breathing is the only factor affecting ESS scores. Archived from the original PDF on An Arabic translation of the ESS questionnaire was administered to 90 healthy subjects.

Italian version of the Epworth sleepiness scale: external validity

The ESS score the sum of 8 item-scores is the only number required under most circumstances. Principal components analysis of ESS item-scores has yielded variable results, with a single factor in some investigations, but more than one epworth sleepiness scale italiano in others.

The copyright prohibits sca,e changes to the ESS, except under special circumstances and with written permission. The Epworth Sleepiness Scale: Conclusions The study shows that the ArESS is a valid and reliable tool that can be used in Arabic-speaking populations to measure daytime sleepiness.

Similar Papers Loading similar papers…. The epworth sleepiness scale italiano properties of the ESS have been investigated widely.