Eugen Gabowitsch died on January 21st, Mischa Gabowitsch [ Moscow, Russia] lives at Paris, France Selected Publications: Fomenco et la. Dr Eugen Gabowitsch (Karlsruhe, Potsdam; Germany) It is impossible to give a full survey of Russian historical and critical research done over. Kategorie: Chronologie: Geschrieben von eino Gabowitsch. A chronological revolution made by historical analytics. By Eugen Gabowitsch (Potsdam, Germany).

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The second was some kind of preface for the second volume of the book of Anatoly T. The Chinese writing is not phonetic, so after a translation, you can never say from which language it was translated and it can be proclaimed as an original Chinese book.

Historically analytic books of Morosov and Fomenko have been published mainly in Russian. In he founded together with G. And a typical chronological mistake.

In Memoriam Dr. Eugen Gabowitsch-sein Vortrag in London

He died on oct. A Russian Point of View Russian chronological revolution.

The human history begins today also in the sense that we are only beginning to apply the interdisciplinary way of thinking for our modelling of the past. Although there were references in European literature to a Great Wall of China, in fact, it rugen appear that all that existed up until the s were a few isolated fortifications and the wall as such was only built eugfn that time.

As an autodidact, however extremely knowledgeable, Morosov started to question chronology around Pallmann also wrote about education in history at high schools Magdeburgabout colonial politicsabout petrol to be refined from sand in Brandenburg etc.

newchronology who is who

His latest findings about stratigraphy and chronology of Jerusalem on our site. Let us remember at any time: Let us first consider the floor mosaic in a villa near Piazza Vabowitsch Sizilia presented on the page His most important work ‘Christ’ 7 vol. Against Jean Mabillon he could demonstrate that a great number of diplomas, chronicals, papal correspondence and accounts of councils of the church were inventions specially aimed to introduce certain theological ideas.


All of will be spent with scientists taking meter sticks and walking the length of the Wall and keeping a record. InTabov founded in Sofia the seminar Anachronism, where meetings are held twice a month. At any case some ideas of Velikovsky are quite close to the general ideas of Morosov, who started the Russian historical critical research, so it is a very interesting question.

Volganov, Sergey, The Dolmen Path.

I know that in Ukraine people are writing a long new history of the Ukrainian past. Another question is if he was in some contact with books of Morosov or people who discussed his ideas during his long stay in the USA.

Postnikov who teached the ideas of Morosov to the next generation of young Moscow mathematicians. I am quite sure that if I try to do a search, I can find a lot of such examples from the history of Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenia, Ukraine. Detering achieved recognition by his critical review of Paul, the founder of the Church. How long is the Great Wall of China really?

In the second volumeDrews arguments with his opponents and offers new proofs for the impossibility to stick to a historic person as a model for the Christ figur. Quantavolution, as he termed the science of revolutionary principle in cosmos and mankind, would eventually gain the battle against evolution and actualism.

Widely known in Germany and abroad because of his publicist and political actions —he worked as chief editor for the Bild journal and has published several books about economic problems— Martin is specialist on ancient coins and manuscripts of which he owns a number. Unfortunately most of them only in Russian. His opinion was that after that term, the history is in some sense reliable. I trust that the younger generation will have no fear of “untouchable” historical dogma and will use contemporary knowledge to challenge questionable theories.


So for us, history begins today, rather than being based on the model of the past that you have. Together with Thomas Riemer he developed a new concept to understand the classic Roman history.

Her special interest concern the history of symbols and religions. Martin Luther’s reform was the first attempt to block the expansion of the French Catholic Church; before that there was no church at all.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Furthermore he challenges the indogermanists view eugfn parentage and development of Germanic languages by his new insight. Die Sumerer gab gablwitsch nicht Eichborn Verlag Today I would like to say that the process of history creation has never stopped and today is possibly even more intensive than in early times. This mythical nobleman of the Tangalas tribe, one of many Sakhan tribes living in the Yakutsk area – Yakutsk is today the capital of the Sakhan republic – plays a very important role in hundreds of legends and tales.

We can assume that the books of Hochart were suppressed and forgotten because there was no alternative to silence them as they show remarkable knowledge which is difficult to defeat. I am not saying that no fortification was built previously in China.

His prolific gabowisch did substantially foster this aim. From onwards, once retired, Johnson, who had already received harsh critics after publishing some of his new ideas, wrote the result of his life-long research down in form of a book called “The Pauline Epistles”. His most important article he wrote together with his wife Ursula Siepe in Russian mathematician eugem in probability and statistics.