The Futaba GY Gyro was considered by most to be the best all round RC Helicopter gyro on the market FUTABA GY INSTRUCTION MANUAL. HKB is a gyro with function of dual rate and head lock, which designed for more prominent to use digital servo, It’s recommended that you use futaba Browse Futaba GY Gyro withSmm Technology owner’s manuals, user guides, instructional help documents & operating information to learn more about your.

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When you want to. To select both sides flip the GEAR switch. Do not use the rudder ATV for this purpose.

Quick Start Guide for the GY401

Once the center of the ball gygo matches with the center of the ball and you have the 4. I have my tail servo mounted up front and I added a slight bend to the front section so the link is at the same height as the ball on the servo arm. Pay special attention to the safety at the parts of this manual that are indicated by the following marks. Speaking of servos, the came in two different packages.

If you are not using a stock tail slider then use the other technique. Do not disturb the trim in the radio. If the gyro peels, control will be lost. DS mode makes it compatible with Futaba digital servos.


FUTABA GY401 Instruction Manual

Its simple set-up and solid performance characteristics have made it a hands down favorite among many sport helicopter pilots. Now that you have the gyro initialized correctly, flip the GEAR switch. Avcs gyro yaw-axis stabilizer for model helicopter 43 pages. As you can see in the picture to the left, I mounted it with the cords coming out toward the back of the helicopter.

Angular Vector Control System gyro developed for model. For instance, do not fly the model. The Futaba GY had a built in Limit Trimmer adjustment so you can set the amount of tail manuao servo travel to avoid servo over travel and stress on the servo. This gives HH when the switch is up. Use care here; small increases can make large changes pirouette rate. The ball on the rudder servo is too far away from the center.

The model flies in the same rudder trim position including sub trim as. Gutaba Techno Garden Bldg. Check the servo direction. It should be solid in AVCS mode.

Team Futaba Tip #2

Set the DIP switch on the gyro for digital servo, assuming the or is installed. In the AVCS mode, all rudder corrections are made by. The servo combo included the ultra fast digital Futaba S tail rotor specific servo.

Once you get the link as free from resistance as you can. When flying in the AVCS mode, set the rudder trim to the same position. If it’s not, turn the link clockwise to move it toward the back or counter clockwise to move nanual forward.


The drive motor generates strong electromagnetic noise. On my gy that came with the servo I have found 84 is what it took. The servo needs to rotate clockwise.

Next set the rudder servo arm so that it points straight up with the rudder stick and rudder trim centered. You have to start up this gyro in heading hold mode. Gyro sensitivity also changes with the length of the servo horn. This will set how fast the helicopter rotates.

Make the connections just as shown in the manual picture to the left comes from the manual. Since rudder trim changes caused by wind and other meteorologi. Once you are finished you can snap the link on the ball.

The Futaba GY Gyro

Use the ‘clear’ button to set the values to zero. It should move the servo clockwise which thereby should pull the rudder control link forward. Because the gyrl of the. The model should now hover with no drift. Proper technique for greatest tail rotor servo life should be to run as much gain as needed for the most demanding maneuver and no more. Remember the gyro has to start up in HH Heading Hold mode.