Tim Elmore This generation of students has not only grown up online, but with texts, Twitter, Facebook, The currency of Generation iY is much more rare. Generation Iy has ratings and 61 reviews. Dave/Maggie said: Having spent the last month reading serious thinkers and observers of the human condition. Tim Elmore and Dan Cathy (foreword), Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future. Poet Gardener Publishing, Referenced in.

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Currently taking a class with Stephanie Ortman Arrington. Though I typically dread nonfiction, Elmore was a breeze to read and kept my attention throughout. Sep 20, Sarah rated it it was amazing. It’s crazy to me that both my sister and my son are considered Millennials. Great insight into how to relate and help the next generation capture their power and forge toward greatness.

Lists with This Book. And again, his only real complaint about it is that it can be overused and become the only form of relationship that a person knows. I am only on chapter 3, and this book hits the nail on the head of what is wrong with our youth today. I strongly recommend this eljore to everyone!

Generation Iy: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future

The boomers were the first generation whose members were too arrogant to acknowledge that they stood on the shoulders of giants — and not a few ogres. This is because they have grown up overprotected and isolated from real world experiences. Mar 10, Jes rated it it was ok Shelves: While I agree that technology has greatly reduced wait time for many of us in many circumstances, there are many many “iYers” who did and are growing up in poverty, even here in the United States. The book is a sobering wake-up call about the challenges this generation will face as a result gendration the influences of always being connected.

Aug 28, Maureen rated it really ellmore it. A search for meaning, not just money 7. The classroom that I help in is either going to keep me on my toes or leave me rolling in the dust!


He models passion, intelligence, creativity, discipline, and a relentless dedication for flmore cause. May 21, Neil R. Matching our primary strength to our daily work beneration almost feel like magic.

This was a good book for me to read since I will soon be starting to work with middle school girls in Sunday School. We no longer fit the mold of the previous generations and it is really frustrating those who are professors, administrators, coaches, and staff at universities everywhere. It is true that like any activity reading, working out online gaming and social networking can be used to excess.

Rather than sitting in frustration, I wish that everyone who works with kids, teens, and gfneration adults would pick up this book. Having spent the last month reading serious thinkers and observers of the human condition in general, and the political and itellectual scenes in particular, I’ve actually had trouble getting through this one. As a parent, I think this book is a tin for every parent of a Generation Y young adult or child – those born between I recommend this book to any adult who cares about the future of our world.

Kids get ambushed by adulthood, and then retreat. Since technology is so prevalent among this generation, our brains have rewired to think, communicate, listen, and respond to everything. My granddaughter is not old enough to text and work websites like Facebook, but she knows alot about genetation techology. The majority of the book is spent describing what the iY generation looks like with the last two chapters offering some useful helps on how to work with the iY generation. The book provided strategies that we adults can use to help approach, generqtion, and turn these generatioh into leaders who can influence the world in a positive way.

I am grateful i have read this before and i laugh a lot coz he A must read book for all of generation, even if you are baby boomers gen! Published August 4th by Poet Gardener Publishing.

Generation Iy: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future by Tim Elmore

Generation Y, also called the Millennials, are the young people born between and This is practical advice for those who are trying to understand the culture of Gen iY. A must read for anyone in the position of growing future leaders. Mar 14, Jeff Bobin rated it it was amazing Shelves: What an adolescent needs is an adult who makes appropriate demands and sets appropriate standards for them in a responsible environment of belief and concern. Here are a few from just the end of the book.

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It’s obvious he is “in the trenches” with others who work with youth. Tim Elmore masterfully describes the unique traits of Generation Y and offers research-based insight and practical advice in this must-read book for both educators and parents alike.

Naturally, that means a lot of anecdotes and personal examples. This is a must read for those of us who work with Millennials! The Nebraska Department of Education, the schools and students in the state of Nebraska have benefited greatly from Dr.

Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future | Growing Leaders

The “i” in the name is because this is the first generation to grow up entirely with the Internet and i-devices.

As e,more educator in a large high school full of Generation Iyer’sI see firsthand rlmore Tim is describing. Frequently, Elmore speaks in generalized terms, using non-exact figures, and saying things like, “my research shows,” or “statistics have demonstrated,” while failing to demonstrate suppor Thus far, Elmore appears to make some legitimate observations, but comes away seeming like an old man longing for the good ol days when kids were “better”.

It is one of the most accurate discriptions of this generation that I have come across. I read this book as an assignment for work and it was quite good.

Feb 24, Miranda Moberg Diaz rated it really liked it Shelves: Generation Z Bulk Pricing: Aug 06, Julie Graves rated it really liked it Shelves: