ADVANCE STEEL TUTORIAL. 4. Table of contents. About this Since Advance works with AutoCAD® and Autodesk Architectural. Desktop® basic tools, the. 11 Apr Could you propose a tutorial or video that demonstrates how to design a simple lattice structure from scratch (not import) – in Autodesk Advance. 29 Jun After I was approached to write about GRAITEC’s Advance Steel After this, I went through the GRAITEC-supplied tutorial to help hone what I.

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This could become a very handy tool for a workshop manager or even for downstream use on site. This movie is traitec tutorial on column creation.

Getting Started | Advance Steel | Autodesk Knowledge Network

The results are now displayed in a newly designed dialog where you have the list of all found elements. In the past the user had to manually locate the master, either visually or through a property search, which could be time consuming. Previously it could be confusing as to what was and was not actual steel. This video explains how to synchronize a graitec advance steel tutorial created in Autodesk Revit with Autodesk Graitec advance steel tutorial Steel, apply several changes to the model imported in Autodesk Advance Steel, then synchronize the updated model with Revit.

We have not investigated this feature in depth, but imagine it is only effective if there are small edits made to a design, and not wholesale changes.

The floating tool palette, from which many of the model manipulation commands are found, however, has undergone a fairly substantial transformation. This lesson shows how to create a rectangular frame and the corresponding frame distributions using the sketch points. This tool allows you to accurately model, detail and schedule standard Cellular Beams based on the height and opening dimensions available from suppliers catalogues, including ArcelorMittal profiles. You will learn how to modify graitec advance steel tutorial section from the section library.

You can also learn how to view the shape sheet for each calculated steel element, and how to create a report from it. Also, you will learn how to set the building properties e. Parametric macros are used to accelerate the connection design, automatically adding nuts, bolts, welds and plates graitec advance steel tutorial the model, and checking against Euro codes.

Getting Started

The response from customers has been good, says Graitec. This movie demonstrates how the user can interact on the orientation of the views displayed on a workshop drawing.


You will learn how to use rectangular frames and linear distributions. In Advance Steel, the Railing macro enables the automatic creation of a complete railing, including rails, posts, kickrail.

Some of the icons are also animated, so in addition to tool tips, users can get a rich graphical explanation as to what the command does. This video shows how to apply the reinforcement solution to a model containing graitec advance steel tutorial beam centered on two columns. Similar to drawing Polyline, this tool behaves like Beam Repeat but enables the user to create a continuous section and in multiple directions.

At a time when other steel fabrication tools are spreading their BIM wings, Graitec is very much focusing on what it does best — modelling, re-modelling, and getting out advancce in the fastest time possible, the bread and butter of steel fabrication. The graphics engine has also been optimised, so panning and zooming around large models is much smoother and more responsive.

With advnace to arrange additional stiffeners perpendicular to the main direction, position the stiffeners above or below the plate, add chamfers to the edges, control the intersection conditions of the perpendicular stiffeners either dividing them between or adding a contour, graitec advance steel tutorial so much more, the Grid Stiffener makes it easy to get what you need fast.

Finally, users can graitec advance steel tutorial use any polygon line to cut out a shape from beams and plates, even from complex curved wdvance.

Advance Design America – Tutorials

In the tapered beam properties dialog box, the user can choose among many options such as how many segments he wishes to have for this beam, decide if flanges are made of plate or flats If the drawings are out of date, then the user will be warned. Graitec is pretty confident that the odd standard connections it holds in its connection vault, many of which can be adapted for multiple purposes, cover most, if not all, bases. There is also up to date links to new service packs and hotfixes, which can be downloaded at the click of a graitec advance steel tutorial.

Custom connections allow users to create fully parametric ‘intelligent’ connections. You will learn to create a drawing layout with title block and graitec advance steel tutorial new layout presentation graitec advance steel tutorial. This movie shows how easy it is to insert a mechanical part and 3rd party models as special parts with various user properties, such as weight, etc. In this tutorial you will learn to create intersection dimensions, associative dimension and point-by-point dimensions.


As with the Castellated Beams the beam with openings can be detailed in single parts drawings and in assembly drawings, and accurately display length and weight on BOM lists.

Then when you are done hit Enter to modify the beams together. The user can select which modifications to apply to the initial model.

See also how you can get a detailed report with all intermediate values and formulas. Quickly create multiple folds on an already folded plate with our Folded Gutorial Extender. This movie graitec advance steel tutorial a tutorial on wall creation.

Its roots date back to the s and there are currently over 10, licenses in use.

Demo videos – Graitec

graitec advance steel tutorial Like the assembly drawings, all single part drawings can be created from the 3D model with Advance Steel, which is a huge time saver process. This movie demonstrates the powerful behavior of the smart dimensions in Advance Steel on a workshop drawing.

It demonstrates how the Revit and Advance Steel software can work together to increase your productivity and provide a more seamless BIM workflow from design to fabrication.

Visit Advance Steel forum.

Custom connections are there now if users want them. Ideal for accommodating a wide range of needs including Mechanical and Electrical services, this tool allows you to model graitc Beam with openings created from a welded I beam or standard section.

For others it has freed up their AutoCAD licenses for other users or tutkrial. The Castellated Beam can also be detailed in single part drawings, assembly drawings and display accurate length and weight on BOM’s. Advance Steel Ideas Share and vote on ideas for future product releases. You will see how easy it is to configure and to create a detailed customized report. The default list layouts are graitec advance steel tutorial modified to company requirements.