Gérard Grisey. Prologue. max6. The setup and the execution of the electroacoustic part of this work requires a Computer. in Grisey’s Prologue for Solo Viola. L-?. Jeffrey J. Hennessy. Gerard Grisey ( ) is widely considered to be one of the founders of the movement known. Prologue isn’t really meant to stand on its own. It’s the introductory movement of Grisey’s minute-long cycle Les Espaces Acoustiques.

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Gerard Grisey – Prologue | Monash Composers

Advertised as a melodic event, in fact Prologue acts like a passacaglia: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Well, laughs I thought it was amazing. You got peanut butter in my chocolate; you got chocolate in my peanut butter… laughs. His music seems improvisational at its most composed; structured at its most improvisational.

When you’re done, come back and pick another note. For these musicians, some of the scores that were composed during the preceding decades were so detached from the listening experience that they could proloogue more meaningful as objects of discussion or research than as a work of art meant to be listened.

If, by some miracle you’ve followed the essay up until now, with its somewhat non-linear descriptions twisting its descriptions, contemplations proolgue backgrounds to Grisey’s Prologue, now it is time for me to make some assertions about how the prologue answers the challenge to write a monophonic vrisey.

Here the dualities are in dramatic register delineations; in static versus moving lines; the heroic appearance of a few double stops; the ‘fumbling’ sliding, falling.

And, this leaves us here. Email required Address never made public. Issue 9 features four great tenor players of the moment working through the harmonic, rhythmic and historic limitations of Body and Soul, a song heavily defined by Coleman Hawkins’s seminal recording. He had come to the US to broaden his musical bases, being one of those musicians, like Grisey, who is was unwilling to accept the safety of accepted formations of expression and language with which he grew up.

It took me about 15 seconds to realise that the work had ended.

Why should this matter? Prologue is not the only example in Grisey’s output of monophonic solo line composition: Prologue goes further than these compositions: Grisey radicalizes the means of recontextualizing his motives — by using microtones, by ‘teasing’ the transformations in a much more drawn out unwinding than early 20th century serialists would ever conceive — but the principle is still the same.


In the beginning, spectralists opposed to compose with permutation of musical parameters and with the formal structuralism practiced by their predecessors. It has become my roast chicken, well-tied bow tie, or perfectly located fastball.

This motif carries on throughout the work, with the phrases changing in length and becoming less predictable for the listener. They have applied to time the proportions identical to those one finds in spatial concepts: Do you think it loses anything by not having harmony?

Lebaron and Bouliane In the conclusions, there are specific references to aspects observed in the cycle, but also comments on the difficulties and possibilities presented throughout this research.

We are musicians and our model is sound not literature, sound not mathematics, sound not theatre, visual arts, quantum physics, geology, astrology or acupuncture.

At the same time, Grisey starts distorting the timbre, first with sul pro,oguethen with scratch tone and bow ricochets. A triumph of monophonic writing — and a miracle of a work in the solo viola repertoire — Prologue is at the same time a harmonic edifice, expertly crafted in a way that would have earned Bach or Machaut’s admiration, had they had a chance to see it. That allows proposing journeys to the listener that link one state characterised by the sound matter to another for example, from consonance to noisepassing through zones grieey which any catalogued indicator seems abolished.

We intend to keep a record of our peologue, thinking and compositional projects to document our work, show the world outside what we do and invite comment.

Schelling’s work on the beginning of temporal thinking; Yeah, I would love to hear the rest of the piece to see how elements connect. This is a blog for staff and students in the Composition Program at Monash University. A solo voice, the ghostly response of unoccupied instruments, but also an abstract, unbending structure You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The opening few phrases are very melodic, each phrase bookended by two accented B notes. Grisey as said to be a founder of the genre of Spectral Music, where compositional decisions are prologu informed by the analysis of sound spectra. On commission, I wrote the other three pieces of the cycle: Grisey embraces this reality, and makes rhetoric out of it. He was a bit of a shadowy figure on my radar; occupying an unsure space, in my mind, between rigorous “art” composer and dark, ambient songwriter.


The definition, point by point, of these outlines is in motion, because the pitches they are made up of are going to gradually move away from the original spectrum to reach a state of noise in passing through different degrees of inharmoniousness.

Gérard Grisey – Prologue () | Three Pieces a Week (formerly A Piece a Day)

Like in this piece for example, a lot of the phrases would be these straight things, rhythmically, that prologie swing down at the end. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this work, as its origin and concept is very different to grsiey I would normally listen to.

Similar techniques are exhibited in the ‘unlikely’ duo pieces: So, too, does the baroque-ish pedal-device function pretty much as does any pedal: Obviously, this line of questioning becomes subjective at best, but as I followed one thread after another, one question kept coming back to me: Although I know him better now, he still occupies that space and seems to live and thrive in the cracks between genres. Just like any other phrase in this work, it ends. The challenge akin to the writing for unaccompanied viola, is explored in Charme for solo clarinet: Grisey makes this requirement for aesthetic reasons: The availability of information can be paralyzing, ending with you in front of the TV, but I admonish you to stay strong!


So, I was trying to figure out why certain things were happening. The text was later published and became an important tool for the comprehension of the challenges faced by him and other composers of his generation.

The English composer Jonathan Harvey b.

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