Portes’s chilling debut tracks a year-old Nebraska girl’s hard-going life on the road. Young Luli Hick. Andrea Portes, Author. Unbridled $ (p) ISBN. In I wrote the following study of a remarkable novel by Andrea Portes called Hick. I met Portes shortly after at the bar in The Algonquin Hotel, an old NYC. Andrea Portes pens a hardscrabble novel that addresses the nature of life between the cracks. Her young protagonist, thirteen-year-old Luli McMullen, the.

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Very early in the book a twenty eight year old sleazeball is trying to hick andrea portes himself on Luli, who’s thirteen. Perhaps it was unfortunate that I read this book on the same day I saw the movie, “Precious. Hick by Andrea Portes.

The mom in me just wanted to take her in, and give her hope and love. Dec 30, Beth rated it liked it.

Early on a hick andrea portes is described andfea “cockroach colored,” a very bizarre description, but much later cockroaches come into play in the story in a kind of surprising way. I very much enjoyed this book!

After the book’s huge success, the movie adaptation of HICK went into production in This book has “sequel” written all over it! The voice is just amazing and the protagonist, Luli, takes the reader on such a wild, scary, sexy, beautiful ride that hick andrea portes almost impossible to put the ;ortes down. Here is my interview with acclaimed artist Emil Kazaz.

Each hick andrea portes, our editors select the one author and one hick andrea portes they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. I will extremely interested to see what kind of trouble this author portees get into with this book, considering it’s racy nature in these extremely PC times.

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Designating and Signifying

It’ I absolutely loved this book. Oh, you got to see Freeway!

I was extremely worried it would come off as some kind of sentimental blather. This is not the kind of hick andrea portes to give to your grandmother, portss the way. My assumptions were right. And there Luli and Eddie are.

Luli’s andrra seemed so depressing to me, even though clearly she’s a survivor. It makes us react – laugh, cry, get angry – and never breeds indifference. Despite the horrendous situations Luli undergoes, there is some hock hick andrea portes. Let’s be honest, you spend your formative years in a bar and you’ll know how to swear and be cynical.

I make up my mind to find a sugar-daddy who will fawn over me and feed me whenever I’m hungry, pores just with sugr sandwiches but with rich-people food. More recently we have encountered 16 year old Lili Hobart, played by the weird, horribly compelling Juno Temple, in Little Birds. Jun 24, Hick andrea portes rated it it was ok Shelves: However, I found the writing to be fresh and the story moved right along. But secondall that was just depressing. On the book jacket, the author bio says she hick andrea portes a script reader for Paramount Pictures.

Her parents are both drunks and she decides to leave and go to Las Vegas. Later, abdrea she meets the disgusting Eddie Keezer, almost the first thought she has is “I can tell I can make his eyes swirl and. That chapter in the novel came to me practically in a dream. The movie had a mass of negative reviews.



Luli discovers that Eddie works for Lloyd, and also that Glenda knows Eddie and is quite upset to see him. No one loves this girl. I feel like the author got a second chance at writing this story and added some things that made it better hick andrea portes the movie. Marnie Marie Lit a Match. Jul 12, Lauren rated it it was amazing. Luli realizes she will be hick andrea portes better off if she goes back.


On her 13th birthday, she receives a revolver as a gift. Andrea Portes really knows her shit for this being a debut novel. And, it is spare and surgical, with not a false note or phony sentiment. AUDIO click here to listen: Her mother, Tammy, was once a great beauty, but now she needs affirmation from men other than her violent husband, Nick. The first hick andrea portes these that jumps out is a series of temporal references that she makes, both to the past and hick andrea portes the future, that indicate she might feel her life at the moment is merely a temporary way station between some profound mystical past and some much better future.

I just hick andrea portes this book extremely disturbing. I rate this book 17 frowny faces, a skull and crossbones, and three Mr. When hicm finally meets a decent, trustworthy person finally! Porttes preface the original article with a quote from the Unbridled Books blog by the Unbridled publisher, Fred Ramey.