International Rectifier / Infineon irlml MOSFET are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for International Rectifier. 24 Apr WORK. WEEK. W. H = IRLML G = IRLML K. H. G. F. E. D. C. B. J. Y. Datasheets, IRLML Other Related Documents, Part Number Guide. Product Training Modules, Discrete Power MOSFETs 40V and Below.

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You should not use the ‘internal’ diode for any function when using the transistor near it’s rated power.

MOSFET Issues (IRLML) | Microchip

I used a regulated power supply that has built in current and voltage regulators In fact, to set the current on the supply you short the leads together. That probably made no sense but hopefully it will work nonetheless 8n Thanks for the quick reply, I will reply back if the Schottky doesn’t do it.

I really want to know what your circuit is. I use them for motor H-Bridge control and they stay cool urlml2502 3. It does not matter if you have direct low-impedance wide short PCB tracks from the driving pin to the gate: If you fail to observe this, even when the gate driving voltages have a deadtime, you can have both FETs conducting at the same time, shorting the power supply.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? I drive 3phase H-bridge or should it be – – bridge? If you care for the joule effect, you can easily switch over 4.

As maxwell already observed, your test iroml2502 not very meaningful, since you are operating well outside the SOA. I willhowever, add it to finalized design. From your data KHz freq, 1. Problems with Programming Oscillator in XC The transistor was not turned on completely.


I have been smoking my FETs literally puddles of goo on my board and I couldn’t figure out why.

Measure the current at the source terminal instead: If you happen to have a resistor iglml2502 series with the gate your turn-on time will suffer and you can be forcing the MOSFET to have a long dwell time in the linear region.

A safer margin would be ns to ns. You can’t expect the transistor to work normally under these conditions.

The circuit works fine when the input voltage is at 6V but raising it to 12V and 16V causes serious temperature issues.

My added Schottky did not significantly change the temperature like I hoped. Your observed value is 10 times your expectation. Forums Posts Latest Posts. This in turn reduces the VGS budget for the second FET, since it’s in series, and put it in the linear region too, making both to heat like hell, until the weakest blows up.

The package is rated at 1. You connect the power supply across the drain and source pins? Something on your post is concerning iflml2502 The threshold for this to happen decreases if the internal diode is turned on. Thus the Pulse widths above indicate that the period remains the same freq. Please answer those 2 questions.

IRLML2502 N-Channel MOSFET Transistor, 4.2 A, 20 V HEXFET, 3-Pin SOT-23 Infineon

Yes, but this is not in the circuit, this was just to test for Rds. What is driving those gates? To achieve the datasheet 10ns of rise time the gate charge must deliver 1.

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That makes the power dissipation 2. Then piggyback a tiny diode on top. The datasheet says that Rds is at 0. It can handle pulses of 80ns, or sustained switching of 10MHz.

The transistor was damaged in a previous circuit and your measurement is not typical. Your power supply has pulled Vds up to 1. Just make sure diode is facing the right way or the problem will get even worse. The maximum current the transistor can carry is 4. Has anyone had a similar experience, or am I missing something here? My impression is that when you turn the second FET ON, the first is still in the linear range, showing maybe tens of ohms.

Draw the load line on the drain characteristics plot and see what happens. The transistor overheated during the measurement.

IRLML MOSFET Datasheet pdf – Equivalent. Cross Reference Search

Next I am going to capture the Vgs rise on the scope and determine the rise time. Guest Super Member Total Posts: In a constant voltage circuit, this causes the power to go down, but in a constant current circuit, the power goes up. It can’t do both of these at the same time. My experience has been that the parasitic diode inside the package should not be used.

IRLML2502 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

This causes shoot-through in a totem ielml2502 output half-bridge. I think I know what the problem is now: The internal reverse diodes are there due to a parasitic process junction inherent to the MOS fabrication. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile.