2 Jun Shri Kanda sasti kavasam is a devotional song composed in Tamil language by Devaraya Shri Kanda Sashti Kavasam (Kavacham). – Bhagavan Sri Skanda’s Divine Online Abode, Kanthar Sashti Kavasam is a famous Tamil hymn in praise of Lord Murugan. It is. Kandhar Sashti Kavasam by Sri ThEvarAya SwAmigaL (translation version 1) Translated to English by P.R. Ramachander “Kanda Shasti Kavasam is composed.

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Protect the back – O Vel of grace!

Kanda Sasti Kavacam in Tamil and English

The other became a cock and was transformed into his flag. I searched and longed for You from Tiruvavinankudi, that I might, with love, use this vibuthi which is your prasadam. Kanda sashti kavasam lyrics in are offered to the brave Lord of Saravana Poykai, who is approaching on His vahana, the peacock.

Protect the two forearms – O strong Vel! People without children will enjoy. O Lord of Thiruchendur, who kkavasam adored as Sengalvaraya!

Please see and see that my sins are powdered, Let the black magic and great enmity go away, Let great devils and those who shake their tails, Let the uncontrollable Muni, which creates problems, Let the back yard Muni which eats babies, Let the ghosts with fire in their mouth, Let the ghosts which steal my speech, And let the Brahma Rakshasas which follow ladies, Run away screaming when they see me.

Grant this boon with smile to your son, unthiru vadiyai uruthi yendrennum yen thalai vaithun yinaiyadi kaaka yennuyirk uyiraam iraivan kaaka panniru vizhiyaal baalanaik kaaka adiyen vathanam azhahuvel kaaka 65 Please save me, who has firm faith in thine feet, And who has placed his head on your feet, Oh God who is my soul of souls protect, Please protect this child with your twelve eyes, Let your pretty Vel protect my face.

You Lord, have the ability to grant moksha liberation from rebirth and who as Guru Paran gave upadesha kanda sashti kavasam lyrics in Lord Swami Kanda sashti kavasam lyrics in.

This is a rare and valuable treasure that helps one to be successful in day-to-day life.


May He protect me in the early hours of the night, mid hours of the night, kanda sashti kavasam lyrics in predawn hours, During dawn and dusk, protect me, O ever-vigilant Vel! Protect the neck – O sweet Vel!

Kavasan of Vishnu and Lakshmi, who helped the Devas to protect the city of Amarapathi! Protect me, O Lord, from the attacks of tigers, foxes, wolves, rats, and bears! People without children will enjoy fertility.

Kandhar Shashti Kavasam Sri ThEvarAya SwAmigaL கந்தர் சஷ்டி கவசம் ஸ்ரீ தேவராய சுவாமிகள்

Please take note that Kaumaram. Each of them will have story of origin attached to them. Peace will prevail at home. O Lord of Thiruvavinangkudi, dweller of the lovely Vel!

O Lord of Thiruthani, Son of Siva! Protect the chest – O bejewelled Vel! Catch and catch the fire of the Sun, Set fire, set fire till they wilt in the fire, Throw and throw your Vel till they scare and run. Protect the tongue – O perfect Vel! Protect the organs of reproduction and excretion – O good and beautiful Vel! Protect the toes and feet – O Vel of grace! This is a rare and valuable treasure that kanda sashti kavasam lyrics in one to be successful in day-to-day life.

Valli is but Mother, thus as parents, look upon me as your child, be pleased with me and shower me with Your love and blessings! As a warrior going to battle puts on armour to protect kanda sashti kavasam lyrics in, the Kanda Sasti Kavacam also helps one to be safe in day-to-day life. The Devas of all eight directions will bless him.

So it means – we kanda sashti kavasam lyrics in chant Kandha shashti Kavacham without any desire or malams. The evil will meet their end, while in the good, the feet of Murugan shall ever dance. Muruha, you sever the cords of Samsaric birth! Whoever fasts for these six days of Skanda Sashti and prays to Lord Muruga steadfastly, it is said that they would get the blessings of Lord Muruga.

Devotees usually narrate the kanda sashti kavacham, during this period. O Lord who captivated Valli, praise be to Thee! These are supposed to be signs and symbols of black magic done by your enemies. Let the Irusi Katteri and Idumba sena, Let Mannar who is seen ylrics where in the night Let Kanda sashti kavasam lyrics in and all others, who kill us on meeting, Let Vittan Karar and other ghosts and devils, Let Thandai Karar and debased humans, As soon kavasamm they hear my name, Run away as if struck by thunder.


Kandhar Sashti Kavasam Kural Venpa Prayer Thuthiporkku val vinai pom, thunbam pom Nenjil pathiporkku selvam palithu kadithongum Nishtayum kaikoodum Nimalar Arul kanthar sashti kavacham thanai The sufferings great will vanish for those who pray, The riches will increase for those who paste it in their mind, All penance will surely bear fruit, By this Sashti Kavacham written by the grace of God.

This kanda sashti kavasam lyrics in is a dedication of Love for Lord Murugan. He whose form is strong and dazzling, Praise be to Thee! It also indicates a sage in kavadam different context. The devas, who were tormented by Soorapadman, rejoiced – they praised the Lord and prayed to him for kanda sashti kavasam lyrics in days.

This Kanda sashti kavasam lyrics in Sashti Kavacham, Which has been composed, By the young Deva ,anda, And meditate on that god with concentration, And wear the sacred ash, Will get the great blessings, Of all the devas from all eight directions, And the guardians of the eight directions. As a warrior going to battle puts on armour to protect himself, so Kanda Sasti Kavacam helps one to be safe in day-to-day life.

Skanda Cult in India: Tie and tie them, till they loudly cry out, Dash and dash them till the joints split, Step on them, step on them, till they break in the mud, Pierce and pierce them with your Vel.