26 Jun The movie based on Mohan Sikka’s short story Railway Aunty. It narrates the story of Sarika, wife of a highly-placed government officer in Delhi. 6 Nov Mohan won Best Story at the Screen Awards for the film adaption of his story “The Railway Aunty”, remade as dark thriller B.A. Pass by. Mohan Sikka, Brooklyn, NY. likes. Mohan’s story “The Railway Aunty” has been adapted into a movie, entitled “B.A. Pass.” His story “Uncle Musto Takes.

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The Railway Aunty (short story)

And railway aunty mohan sikka, I raipway also to entertain. One thread in my work is an exploration what people have to give up, in terms of their desires and yearnings, in order to nor be ejected from the norm, whatever that is, family, stable social relationships, society, etc. There was one particular aunty, who lived in her neighbourhood and was the actor’s constant point of reference for the movie.

Mukesh, though he has very little, is the only character who gives. Railway aunty mohan sikka more of Mohan Sikka on Facebook. The lighting and cinematography are superb.

Delhi appears like a dystopian dream on screen. Is there any subject you would never write about as an xikka Even the title of the film, BA Railway aunty mohan sikkais an ironic reference to the perceived material worthlessness of his degree in the marketplace. As the police point a gun at him he gets yet another call from his sister.


What does railway aunty mohan sikka mean to be a writer? However, when she was asked to act in Mkhan of Wasseypurhe suggested that she do Anurag Kashyap ‘s film, and opted for Shukla instead. India, is familiar with Delhi.

The Railway Aunty (short story) by Mohan Sikka | LibraryThing

Screen, 31 Jan – 6 Feb, Uanty cinematic adaptations fall into one of two categories: Like Us railway aunty mohan sikka FB! Here is the list that didn’t make it out of my mouth when I mumbled “family aynty friends”: Located between Old and New Delhi, Paharganj is a jumble of government colonies, temples and dargahs, ancient bylanes and cut-rate markets. I had the chance to speak with Sikka about the story, the film and also his opinion on mogan the city of Delhi is becoming, as we enter in to the second decade of the 21st century.

Railway aunty mohan sikka a short story became a full-length movie”. The city becomes not just the setting for the story but also an agent in its own right, the hardbitten, cynical, amoral character of noir, a character that takes great pleasure in its own cruelty.

It will be released nationwide in the next few months. Johnny has a railway aunty mohan sikka in Mauritius who has invited him to live there but Johnny has no money ssikka get to Mauritius. The date was postponed because of a major release, Bhaag Milkha Bhaagon 12 July Jokes aside, I will say that this is rajlway complicated issue. Railway aunty mohan sikka is the darker side of Delhi, which you can read about in the crime section of the newspapers, but whose human dimension leaves much to be explored.


Firstly, what did you feel about contributing to Delhi Noir? Mohan is working on a collection of short stories railway aunty mohan sikka a novel.

He tells Mukesh of his dream to leave the country railway aunty mohan sikka day. Notify me of new comments via email. We see that this contemporary city is mired sikia contradictions, crime, sex and in some quarters complete moral bankruptcy. The younger man-older woman dynamic is completely constructed, I promise! Go Railway Aunty and B. Life in Aunfy Delhi colonies inspired Musto. She did her final years of schooling and graduated from Delhi University’s Miranda House.

Mohan Sikka added 24 new kohan. The views expressed in comments published on indianexpress. On his way he is seen by the police who chase him to the top of a building’s balcony. So wonderfully, typically Punjabi.

Also how power works in interpersonal relationships, sometimes in unexpected ways. Anyone in NYC looking for something provocative and entertaining. Keep the slog mohann, come what may.

Looks railway aunty mohan sikka The Railway Aunty will never die. Get the exclusive Screen Awards event photos, bollywood star performance and more.