The Gospel According to Acharya S has 37 ratings and 1 review. Daniel said: Excellent book. The chapters on Free Will and the Sin of Adam were outstandin. 31 Jul The Gospel According to Acharya S provides intriguing insight into important, probing questions about God while defining humanity in as. Dorothy Milne Murdock (March 27, – December 25, ), better known by her pen . The Gospel According to Acharya S. Stellar House Publishing.

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What is the origin of good and evil? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver. Todd Jones rated it it was amazing Oct 20, Robert Scott rated it it was ok Jan 01, Fingerprints of the Christ. Fingerprints of Christ D M Murdock. It is a vision that gives hope for freedom from the emotional shackles of religions, and the dawning of a more rational future. Enter your name and email address below:. She also wrote against the ancient astronauts theories, asserting that they “may be prompted by the same type of motivation that produced the Bible, a chronicle largely consisting of the plagiarized myths of other cultures” refashioned as historical facts concerning purported historical characters, and may be driven by the attempt to validate Biblical mythology as historical under a new pseudo-scientific interpretation.


The Gospel According to Acharya S

The Devil is Divine Where did the Devil come from? Christian Atrocities Victims of Christianity. Retrieved July 1, Is the Bible “God’s Word”? Abusing Women is Not Religion Is abusing women “religion? In this regard, read it while you can, before it is put on the Index of the next Inquisition!

Archived from the original on May 7, Bryan rated it really tthe it Jan 26, Her book, Who Was Jesus?

In Search of Jesus: Is Buddhism Any Good? Robertsonand American mythographer Joseph Campbell. I love what you said that the American Constitution may well be the ‘holiest of holies’ scriptures.

The Gospel According to Acharya S

Celebration of Life What is the purpose in life? Rachelle rated it it was amazing Oct 11, Is the Bible True?

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. A History of Western Astrology: Are they set in stone? Was it God or man? Is there a good god and an evil devil? Pagan Portals – Odin Morgan Daimler.

The Quiet Mind White Eagle. Is God a Transsexual? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Evidence and Argument or Mythicist Myths? Coty rated it it was amazing Nov 29, Everyone should read it and become enlightened. Eugene Wade rated it it was amazing Oct 14, Marie D F Cachet.


Murdock began her website, Truth Be Knownin Tales of Power Carlos Castaneda. It not only reinforced my faith in the true hope for freedom of all mankind from the self-shackles of religious dogma, but proved an added foundation block in my own spirituality and quest for a better understanding of what a higher power truly is in my life, as well as a more sensible, factual concept of ‘God,’ both historically and realistically.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The chapters on Free Will and the Sin of Adam were outstanding. Who are the Anunnaki? Price also criticized Murdock’s first book, [23] while promoting her Suns of God: Are we all immortal?

Is God a Transsexual? You Are Being Lied To: Is God a giant man in the sky? Continuum International Publishing Group.