16 May TYMO® special functions. Starting the DIEGO® therapy session . instruction manual of the new sensor device and install the driver. Owner’s Manual. Tyros4 Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. Manual. Before using the instrument, be sure to read “PRECAUTIONS” on pages 4–5. EN. Yamaha Tyros 4 – Sibelius Sound Set User Manual | 4. 1. Introduction. Thank you for choosing The Sound Set Project. The Sibelius sound set you are using is.

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tyros 4 manual A blank Song tyros 4 manual recording is automatically set. Connecting A Usb Storage Device The instrument does mqnual necessarily support all commer- simultaneously with musical instruments even when a cially available USB devices.

For information on creating original Voices, refer to the Reference Manual on the website. Rename the file, reducing the number of characters to 50 or less.

Important Tyrow Instructions Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched dropped. Selects and plays a rhythmic or melodic Multi Tyros 4 manual phrase.

Entering the Internet Direct Connection Function By pressing ‘print’ button tyros 4 manual will print only current page.

Connection Examples Access the Manual Library website on the computer browser.

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Check that the installed module is func- Rear side tioning properly. For instructions on connecting, refer to page 91 and Internet Connection Guide downloadable from the Yamaha website. You can effectively intersperse these into the notes as you play. These include general settings that affect the entire instrument, as well as detailed settings for specific functions.

Page Re-install the cover you removed in step 3, in reverse order. The File Selection display tyros 4 manual has two different view types. However, Yamaha reserves the right to change or modify any of the specifications without Model notice or obligation to update existing units. Before purchasing the Premium Pack data, obtain the license key tyros 4 manual The maximum pitch tyros 4 manual range can be changed on the Mixing Console display: Since the Tyros4 has many files spread out over several pages, number input in List View may be tyros 4 manual and more convenient—providing you know the To cancel the standby status, you need to play the keyboard in the Left part range.

Page 53 – Adjusting the Volume Balance Between the Press the [REC] button to enable recording.

Yamaha Tyros4 Owner’s Manual

Song Position is manuao to the button. Be sure to read through this section carefully before turning the power tyros 4 manual. Records your performance in audio format. The Premium Pack data cannot be purchased. Starting Up This section contains information about setting up your Tyros4 and preparing to play.


Call up the Format operation display. Basic Operations, Display-based Controls [A]—[J] buttons can be used to select the corresponding respective files.

Page 51 – Appropriate Panel Settings for the Selec Don’t have an account? Page 33 – Playing Preset Voices Page 34 – playing two or three voices simultaneous For details on tyros 4 manual management, see page Each folder shown in this display contains appropriately cate- gorized Voices. Check carefully that all parts two music rest brackets and tyros 4 manual music rest are included before following the instructions below.

Manuals – Yamaha – United States

For information on set- ting the tyros 4 manual, refer to the Reference manual on the website. The Data List is available at the Yamaha website. The other is List View, which lets you open files according to their numbers.